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Bird Litter is a natural bedding produced from the central part of the corn cob, with a pleasant aroma of rosemary. It is indicated as absorbent substrate for cages or facilities for all types of birds. Bird Litter is a calibrated, soft, dust-free and comfortable product, also ideal for the inside of the nest of some bird species.

Bird Litter absorbs liquids and odors extremely efficiently. As a result, it stays clean and helps to fight odors for an extended period of time.

Bird Litter is biodegradable; it is compostable and environmentally friendly.

Target species Lovebirds, Amazon parrots, Palm cockatoo, Galah cockatoo, Cockatoos, Yellow-thighed parrot, Black-thighed parrot, Canaries, Ring-necked parakeets, Eclectus parrot, Estrildid (exotic), Flamingos, Wild finches, Golden conure, Hyacinth macaw, Red-and-green macaw, Military macaw, Macaws, Kakarikis, Loris, loriquitos, Blue-headed parrot, Myna, Cockatiel, Pigeon, Fruit pigeons, Budgerigar, Pyrrhura, Rosella, Toucans, Turacos, African grey parrots, Senegal parrot
Net weight  5 L
Peso 5.00 lbs


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